Papers in the category 'Computer Science' on Arxiv for the week ending October 21, 2018

10/16/18 How to share a cake with a secret agent
by Guillaume Chèze
10/17/18 What might matter in autonomous cars adoption: first person versus third person scenarios
by Eva Zackova et al
10/18/18 Convolutional Collaborative Filter Network for Video Based Recommendation Systems
by Cheng-Kang Hsieh et al
10/16/18 Social Behavior Learning with Realistic Reward Shaping
by Yuan Gao et al
10/16/18 Composable Action-Conditioned Predictors: Flexible Off-Policy Learning for Robot Navigation
by Gregory Kahn et al
10/18/18 Sample-Free Learning of Input Grammars for Comprehensive Software Fuzzing
by Rahul Gopinath et al
10/18/18 Urban Swarms: A new approach for autonomous waste management
by Antonio Luca Alfeo et al
10/16/18 Optimizing AIREBO: Navigating the Journey from Complex Legacy Code to High Performance
by Markus Höhnerbach et al
10/16/18 Multiple Interactions Made Easy (MIME): Large Scale Demonstrations Data for Imitation
by Pratyusha Sharma et al
10/18/18 Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation via Class-Balanced Self-Training
by Yang Zou et al
10/16/18 Integrating kinematics and environment context into deep inverse reinforcement learning for predicting off-road vehicle trajectories
by Yanfu Zhang et al
10/17/18 Distributed kk-Clustering for Data with Heavy Noise
by Shi Li et al
10/17/18 Implementation and Analysis of QUIC for MQTT
by Puneet Kumar et al
10/16/18 UnrealROX: An eXtremely Photorealistic Virtual Reality Environment for Robotics Simulations and Synthetic Data Generation
by Pablo Martinez-Gonzalez et al
Craig Smith