Week ending 11.25.18 "Neural and Evolutionary Computing" papers

11-21-2018 Improving PSO Global Method for Feature Selection According to Iterations Global Search and Chaotic Theory
by Shahin Pourbahrami
Evolution & Search 0 0
11-26-2018 A novel particle swarm optimizer with multi-stage transformation and genetic operation for VLSI routing
by Genggeng Liu et al
Evolution & Search 0 0
11-25-2018 Nonlinear Dynamics of Binocular Rivalry: A Comparative Study
by Yashaswini Murthy
Neuromorphic & Recognition 0 0
11-24-2018 Evolutionary-Neural Hybrid Agents for Architecture Search
by Krzysztof Maziarz et al
Multi-objective & Graph 0 0
11-22-2018 Structured Pruning of Neural Networks with Budget-Aware Regularization
by Carl Lemaire et al
CNNs & Pruning 0 0
11-24-2018 Recurrently Controlled Recurrent Networks
by Yi Tay et al
Language & LSTM 0 0
11-23-2018 Interpretable Convolutional Filters with SincNet
by Mirco Ravanelli et al
CNNs & Pruning 0 0
11-22-2018 Strength in Numbers: Trading-off Robustness and Computation via Adversarially-Trained Ensembles
by Edward Grefenstette et al
Robustness & Adversarial Examples 0 0
11-22-2018 Using External Archive for Improved Performance in Multi-Objective Optimization
by Mahesh B. Patil
Multi-objective & Graph 0 0
11-25-2018 Evoplex: A platform for agent-based modeling on networks
by Marcos Cardinot et al
Stigmergy & Brain 0 0
11-25-2018 On-chip learning for domain wall synapse based Fully Connected Neural Network
by Apoorv Dankar et al
Loss & Sampling 0 0
11-22-2018 Conditioning Optimization of Extreme Learning Machine by Multitask Beetle Antennae Swarm Algorithm
by Xixian Zhang et al
Loss & Sampling 0 0
11-25-2018 Cooperation in the spatial prisoners dilemma game with probabilistic abstention
by Marcos Cardinot et al
Multi-objective & Graph 0 0

Craig Smith