We are developing a small bespoke marketing practice with a partner, Lonn Johnston. Our intention is to complement the work of public relations agencies by focusing on thought leadership positioning in high-impact media.

We are interested in hearing from AI-powered companies in new categories that are not yet well understood or even visible. We plan to work with one company in each category we target.

Lonn is a former LA Times writer, a former assistant dean of UC Berkeley's journalism school and a veteran of the PR industry, having launched more than 200 companies and sold one of Silicon Valley's first social-media-focused agencies.

The principals of Eye on AI are Craig S. Smith, a longtime correspondent with The New York Times, and Tim LeeMaster, a longtime financial reporter and editor, who most recently ran North American equity capital markets coverage for Acuris.

If your company is interested in becoming a thought leader in your category, please get in touch at info@eye-on.ai